107th self-immolation reported from Tibet

TibetanReview: The number of self-immolations in Chinese ruled Tibet continues unabated with yet another reported incident on Feb 25, making it the second such protest incident on the same day and taking the reported tragic toll since Feb 2009 to 107. Sangdag, a monk of Dhiphu monastery in Ngaba (Chinese: Aba) County of Sichuan Province, set himself ablaze on a nearby highway around 10AM, according to several reports.

Chinese police were reported to have immediately put out the flames, taken him to the nearby hospital, and then to an unknown location.

Chinese authorities also rushed troops from the paramilitary People’s Armed Police Force to the area around the monastery, which has around 500 resident monks.

Sangag’s is the 11th self-immolation in Chinese ruled Tibet this year and the third in the past two days.

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