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China asked to prepare for 'war' in Tibet

2 Tibetan protesters "shot dead"

China lock-down seals off Tibetan unrest

Twentieth Tibetan sets himself on fire, reports say

Another Tibetan sets himself on fire in China

China fires Tibet officials over unrest: report

China shoots down injured Tibetan, brother

Latest self-immolating Tibetan identified as Rigzin Dorje, Streets in Ngaba filled with security forces

Face off before worldwide vigil, China vows to ‘resolutely crackdown’ on Tibet unrest

Protests continue in Tibet: Chinese flag pulled down, Independence slogans raised

Senator John McCain Blames Repression for Self-immolations for Tibet

Tibetans Burning: Beijing blames the Dalai Lama, but suicides show his influence is waning.

Tibetans Burn Selves for Freedom

Journalists in China call for access to Tibetan areas

China warns officials in Tibet to keep region stable, or risk criminal charges

China says Tibet facing "urgent" task to maintain stability

McCain canes China on Tibet self-immolations

Leaked Chinese official letter warns of adverse effect to relations if countries met Tibetan MPs

Three Tibetans self-immolate in western China: report

China hit by more Tibetan self-immolations

Report says 3 more people set themselves on fire in China to protest its Tibet policies