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Rights Group and Governments Urge China to Address Tibetan Grievances as Self-immolation Toll Rises to 90

Two More Tibetans Immolate, Toll Reaches 89

24-year-old Tibetan Immolates, Simultaneous Hunger Strike Underway Across Tibet

Tibetan Teen Dies in Self-immolation Protest at Sangkhog, Labrang

Tibetan Protesters Injured in Crackdown; Self-Immolations Continue

Tibetan students in west China clash with police

3 More Tibetans Die of Self-immolations, Toll Reaches 85

18-year-old sets self on fire, Third self-immolation in two days

Tibetan nun passes away in fiery protest, Toll jumps to 83

China cracks down on Tibetan student protest, Many severely injured

Breaking: Tibetan student sets self on fire, Calls for Dalai Lama’s return

Another Tibetan self-immolates, Seven deaths in seven days

Another Tibetan Immolates in Serthar, Toll Reaches 82