Tibet continues to burn, Second self-immolation in three days

Sangay Gyatso's charred body lies on the ground after his self-immolation protest against China's occupation of Tibet on October 6, 2012.
Phayul: In confirmed reports and photos coming out of Tibet, another Tibetan set himself on fire today in an apparent protest against China’s continued occupation of Tibet.

Exile sources say that a Tibetan man, Sangay Gyatso, 27, set himself on fire in Tsoe region of Kanlho, Amdo eastern Tibet at around 12 pm (local time).

He carried out his protest near the Dokar Monastery.

Sangay Gyatso, a father of two, is believed to have passed away in his self-immolation protest. In the photos of his fiery protest that have reached exile, Sangay Gyatso’s body is seen completely charred.

Since 2009, a known number of 54 Tibetans have now set themselves on fire demanding freedom in Tibet and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama from exile.

Sangay Gyatso’s protest comes only two days after a Tibetan writer, Gudrup passed away in his self-immolation protest on October 4 in Nagchu.

The recently concluded meeting of exile Tibetans to discuss the ongoing crisis in Tibet had sent a strong message of unity and solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet and a call for greater activism in exile.

The special meeting, while expressing concern over the loss of Tibetan lives, declared that the Chinese government will be held solely responsible in the event of the situation inside Tibet escalating further.

In light of the critical situation inside Tibet, the meeting had also recommended the revival of the ‘Tibetan Solidarity Committee’ to head the global Tibet activities and also pushed for the creation of a ‘voluntary emergency fund’ to finance the campaigns.

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