Two known Tibetans detained during Ngaba protest crackdown

TCHRD: Two known Tibetans were detained during a violent crackdown on a protest staged by local Tibetans that followed the twin self-immolation of Tashi and Lungtok this month in Ngaba (Chinese: Aba) County, Sichuan Province.

Sources contacting TCHRD indentified the two Tibetans who were detained along with unknown others on 13 August as Bhongo Kyi, 44, and Chechok, 48. Both sustained serious injuries as security personnel resorted to indiscriminate beatings to suppress the protest. Their current condition and whereabouts remain unknown.

In addition to Bhongo Kyi and Chechok, there were others who were also beaten and detained. However, their details cannot be obtained at the moment.

Bhongo Kyi was also among the 200 Tibetan civilians, mostly senior citizens who had been camping near a road close to the Kirti Monastery last year to prevent security forces from forcibly taking 300 monks from Kirti Monastery to an undisclosed location where the authorities said the monks were to receive 'legal education'. She was soon detained for a month following which she was forced to attend 'legal education' sessions for days.

Bhongo Kyi hails from Lhade Ghapma village in Ngaba County and her father's name is Yarphel.

Chechok belongs to Yangkhotsang household in Jolep Village of Ngaba County. Tashi, 21, a former monk and Lungtok, 20, a monk at Kirti Monastery set themselves on fire in Ngaba to protest against
Chinese government on 13 August 2012.


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