A Tibetan woman burns self to death, Second self-immolation in two days

A Tibetan woman identified as Dolkar seen here with her hands clasped in prayer, after she set herself on fire near the Tsoe Monastery in Kanlho, eastern Tibeton August 7, 2012.

Phayul: : Latest reports coming out of Tibet indicate that a Tibetan woman set herself on fire today in an apparent protests against China’s continued occupation of Tibet.

Tibetan media outlets are identifying the Tibetan woman as Dolkar, around 26 years of age. She is believed to have succumbed to her injuries.

Dolkar set herself on fire near the Tsoe Monastery in the Amdo Kanlho region of eastern Tibet at around 2.30 pm (local time).

Pictures coming out of the region show the disfigured body of Dolkar lying on the ground with her hands clasped in prayer.

Eyewitnesses have been quoted as saying that although people who were around the monastery tried to douse the fire but Dolkar succumbed to her injuries at her protest site.

The monks at the Tsoe Monastery were able to carry Dolkar’s body inside the monastery, where it is
being currently kept.

A growing build-up of local Tibetans at the monastery is also being reported.

Dolkar's self-immolation protest comes just a day after Lobsang Tsultrim, a 21 year of monk at the Kirti Monastery set himself on fire in the beleaguered Ngaba region.

The wave of self-immolations that began in 2009 has now witnessed 47 Tibetans set themselves on fire demanding freedom in Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama from exile.

Dolkar is the eight women to have self-immolated in Tibet.

As of yet no personal details on Dolkar are available.

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