Statement of Mr V R Krishna Iyer on Flame of Truth Relay Below is the original English transcript of former supreme court justice Mr V R Krishna Iyer’s statement at the launch of flame of truth relay in Kochi on 6 July 2012. We regret the discrepancies in our original translation from the Tibetan text to English:

Lord Buddha stands for the greatest blessings of God to humanity. Tibet as a nation and the Tibetan culture stands for the Buddha. His Holiness the Dalai Lama stands for humanity and compassion; human rights and human culture. And I wish he becomes popular in the whole world. He is not just an individual, nor the state, but he stands for global culture.

The people of Tibet are dying, they are becoming slaves, and we cannot allow that. They are entitled for full freedom and we stand for that. Support its culture and independence. We are with them. May this Day grow more glorious!

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