After Naresh Chandra panel, ITBP officer warns of Chinese aggression

India Today: After former Army chief General V.K. Singh and the Naresh Chandra Task Force on national security calling China an enemy nation, now a senior officer of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has raised alarm bells on the mighty neighbour saying it is not a friend but a foe which could not be trusted.

ITBP DIG, Nagender Singh, posted at North West Frontier of the force, said on Thursday that China could not be trusted as it is like an enemy and that if a conflict takes place it will be given a befitting reply and the Indian forces would try to take back the territory occupied by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in 1962.

"Chinese have shrewd intentions. The country is not reliable. They have always remained our enemy and we can never believe what they say," Singh said.

Naresh Chandra panel's recommendation

The ITBP officer's comment follows the Naresh Chandra panel's recommendation that India should be prepared militarily to deal with an assertive China. It has raised concerns about China's policy of containment of India using "string of pearls" theory.

The report says China would continue to utilise Pakistan to contain India as part of its strategy and
that India should immediately hand over management of Sino-Indian border to the army.

Echoing similar concerns, the ITBP DIG said that China is a country that India cannot trust. China is not a friendly neighbouring country, but a hostile state. He said the PLA has been repeatedly transgressing the Line of Actual Control (LoAC) and if a conflict takes place, China needs to be given a befitting reply.

Basis of warnings

These observations and apprehensions are not unfounded. Recently, China stationed fighter aircraft in Gongga airfield in Tibet region throughout last winter.

China has activated new surveillance and tracking radars bordering India to monitor Indian activity. In fact, the PLA conducted large scale India specific exercises in Tibet autonomous region on June 14.

On August 15 last year, 44 PLA soldiers set up shelters 3 km inside the Indian territory. On September 2011, a secret note to the ministry of external affairs (MEA) revealed as many as 50 incursions by Chinese troops.

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