New Video Footage Shows Self-Immolations in Zamthang


DHARAMSHALA:  New video footages coming out of Tibet shows tragic self-immolation of three Tibetans and audio recordings of their last wishes to restore freedom and preservation of Tibetan identity and culture under the repressive rule of the Chinese government.  (Watch video footage)

The footages also depicts the peaceful demonstrations and protests that took place in Zamthang,Ngaba in north-eastern Tibet  in January 2012 and the subsequent police firing that killed Ogyen, a 20-year-old Tibetan in Barma township.

The video shows the self-immolation of Nangdrol on 19 February, 2012.  Nangdrol’s photo before and after the self-immolation and his last wishes are also contained in the video.

Nangdrol has stated in his last wish that he is giving up his life to fire because there is immense suffering in Tibet under the repressive policies of Chinese government. He has called upon all Tibetans to preserve our identity, unite and maintain harmony, and pray for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The footage of Sonam and Choephag Kyab, who set themselves on fire on 19 April 2012 and left audio recordings of their last wishes. They said they self-immolated for the restoration of freedom in Tibet and world peace. The suffering of the Tibetan people is far greater than the tragedy of setting my body on fire,they said. Choephag Kyab and Sonam, both in their early twenties, were studying in a school established by the Chinese government for minority nationals. The location of the schools is not known.

Following is the English translation of the last wish made by Nangdrol before his self-immolation on 19/2/2012

Head raised high with indefatigable loyalty and courage,
I, Nangdrol, call on
My grateful parents,

brothers and relatives,
For the cause of grateful Tibetan people,
By giving up my life to fire,
Men and women of Tibet,
I hope you all will keep unity and harmony;
Wear Tibet if you are Tibetan;
Moreover, you must speak Tibetan;
Never forget you are Tibetan;
You must have love and compassion if you are Tibetan;
Have respect for parents;
Have unity and harmony amongst Tibetan;
Be compassionate to animals;
Restraint from taking lives of living beings.

May His Holiness the Dalai Lama live for many ten thousand years,
May Lamas and Tulkus of Tibet live for ten thousand years.

May Tibetan people get liberation from China’s evil rule,
Under China’s evil rule there is immense suffering,
This suffering is very unbearable,
This evil China has invaded Tibet,
It is not possible to live under this evil rule,
The evil China having no love and compassion,
Inflict us with unbearable beatings and pain,
Ultimately to smother Tibet.

May His Holiness the Dalai Lama live for many ten thousand years.

Following is the English translation of the collective statement or last wish made by Choephag Kyab and Sonam before their self-immolation on 19/4/2012

The Tibetan nationality is distinct from others as it has its own religion and culture. It is also unique as it preaches love and compassion, and serve others’ well-being. However, the Tibetan people are forcibly occupied and repressed by China. We, the Tibetan people, are suffering due to lack of fundamental human rights. So, for the restoration of freedom in Tibet and world peace, I have set myself on fire. The Tibetan people’s suffering due to denial of freedom is far greater than the tragedy of setting my body on fire.

Our grateful parents, family members and brothers, it is not that we have no affection for you or want to separate from you. It is also not that we do not care for our lives. In sound mind and thought, both of us in sound mind and thought, self-immolated for the restoration of freedom in Tibet, growth of Buddhism, happiness of the humanity and world peace.

Therefore, you have to fulfil our last wishes. You are not supposed to do anything if we come under Chinese captivity. Our wishes would be fulfilled if not a single Tibetan is hurt for our sake.

If you feel sad for us, follow the advice of the learned Abbots and Tulkus so that if you learn and keep alive our culture and tradition in a right direction, sustain loyalty and affection for our brethren, make efforts for our culture and remained united, our wishes are realised. We deeply hope for the fulfillment of our last wishes.

N.B: If there are any discrepancies, please consider the Tibetan version final and authoritative.

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