Chinese police arrest Tibetan monk for writing ‘Free Tibet’

TibetanReview.:  For writing ‘Free Tibet’ on a wall of the village community hall during a film screening on Mar 5, a Tibetan monk was arrested by the Chinese police in Ngamring (Chinese: Angren) County of Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), said Dharamsala-based Tibetan centre for Human Rights and Democracy May 13. The emotional distress from the arrest of Tsewang Norbu, a 30-year-old monk of the local Ngamring Riwoche Monastery, was too much for his father, Tsetan Tashi, in his 60s, who died after Chinese police took away his son.

The incident took place at Trekho village in the county’s Dopay Township, with the monk first writing ‘Tibet’ on one side of a wall and ‘China’ on the other side. He then crossed out ‘China’ and wrote ‘free Tibet’ underneath it, provoking officials of the Chinese Work Team who apparently organized the film
screening as part of their political education campaign on the villagers, to confront him. They informed the township authorities about the incident, with the result that the county police arrived in three vehicles later in the evening and took away Tsewang Norbu from his home.

Tsewang Norbu’s father died from the shock minutes later.

The whereabouts of Tsewang Norbu, who had joined the monastery four years earlier after attending a religious teaching given by the locally revered Lama Thupten Rinpoche, remain unknown.

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