Breaking: Unconfirmed reports of self-immolation protest in Lhasa

Phayul: Phayul is receiving unconfirmed reports of a self-immolation protest in Lhasa, Tibet’s capital city today.

Although Phayul as of now cannot independently confirm the reports, but sources have told us that at least one Tibetan youngster set himself on fire today in Lhasa.

Tashi Delek, a reporter based in Bylakuppe, south India said that at around 2 pm (local time) a group of three young Tibetans carried out a protest march, following which one of them set himself on fire.

“My contacts in the region have told me that the young Tibetan self-immolator died while the other two were whisked away by Chinese security personnel,” Delek told Phayul over phone.

Soon after the news broke out, Delek said all phone lines in the region were not working.

“I have been trying to call many numbers in the region but I haven’t been able to connect,” the reporter said. “So, I then called some of my contacts in mainland China and they also confirmed with me on the self-immolation in Lhasa.”

Phayul is also getting reports from another source saying that not one but two Tibetans self-immolated in front of the ancient Jokhang temple in the centre of the old city today.

Ngawang Woebar, the former president of the political prisoners’ group Gu-Chu-Sum told Phayul that his sources inside Tibet are reporting of a twin self-immolation protest in Lhasa earlier today.

“My sources are telling me that two Tibetan youngsters today set themselves on fire in front of the Jokhang temple,” Woebar said. “Although, those with whom I spoke, haven’t witnessed the protest but they are confirming that the self-immolations did occur.”

Woebar added that following the protest, the entire city has been flooded with Chinese security personnel.

“As of now we don’t have details of what actually happened but it is definite that a self-immolation protest
did take place in Lhasa today,” the former political prisoner said.

The fiery wave of self-immolation protests in Tibet has witnessed 35 Tibetans torch their bodies demanding freedom in Tibet and the return of Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama from exile. Mass protests in recent months have been violently suppressed following a call for “war” on peaceful protests by senior Chinese leaders.

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