Many Tibetan villagers rounded up as free Tibet suspects Fifteen young men were taken away on Apr 15 after hundreds of Chinese police stormed into Tibetan homes at Doda village in Dzatoe Township of Dege County in Kardze prefecture, Sichuan Province. The detainees were believed to have put up posters and distributed leaflets calling for Tibet’s independence.  A monk detainee named Tragyal was reported to have been released only recently after having served a three-year prison sentence.

Around 300 Dege county police and paramilitary police were reported to be involved in the operation. “An elderly Tibetan woman named Namsa Sangmo pleaded with the police to stop the raid, but they attacked her and broke her hand,” (Radio Free Asia, Washington) Apr 18 cited its local source as saying.

Some of the others who were taken away have been named as Yeshe Choegyal, Wangchen, Wangdu, Lobsang Tsewang, Yeshe Jungne, Tragyal, Tenzin Tsondru, Tengyal, Yonten, and Tenzin Tsering.

The report said there were at least two other mass arrest of Tibetans from other villages in the same township only recently. In one, 20 were taken from Dzatoe Township itself while in another eight were taken into custody after a Mar 15 raid at the nearby Rebpa village. Those in the group of 20 were
severely tortured over many days before being eventually released without charge.

Political education was reportedly being carried out at several villages in Dzatoe Township, with the Tibetan being warned against staging protests with threats of being shot at.

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