Notification to the public of Ganan prefecture

Notification to the public of Ganan prefecture: those who try to destroy the stability and who do illegal things should be reported to PSB (public security office)
Notification to the public of Ganan prefecture

Reinforce society and to promote the quick establishment of a “harmonious Ganan”. To promote stable economic growth. All those people who try to undermine the stability in Ganan must be arrested and severely punished. Every citizen should make an effort to denounce suspicious individuals, they have the right to interfere and to report to the PSB. Everything listed below are authorized by the minister of defense.

A) To harm the county’s stability, to cause a disturbance within society and to destroy unity between ethnic groups, people who do these things will be tortured by the police.

1) To agitate between the people. To breach the peace between the people. To destroy the unity of the nation

2) For separation of county…….incite, provoke a disturbance. Talk and flyers. Drawing. Making films, all this causes the destruction of harmonious society

3) To participate and complain about the rules. Getting donation and wealth through inciting the destruction of society

4) To create a scandal through internet. To distribute flyers and document. Through telephone, chat and e-mail in order to destroy the unity and harmonious societies,

5) Conspiring against the state “beating, attacking, stealing, burning” All this is harmful to society and against the law

B) if anyone reports any of the above to the police we will offer you protection and security. You will also get a gift of 5000 yuan

C) Since the day of announcement of this statement we will practice it

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